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1stPainRehab Introduces Comprehensive Resources on Incorporating 1% Daily Self-Care into a Stoic Lifestyle

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1stPainRehab Introduces Comprehensive Resources on Incorporating 1% Daily Self-Care into a Stoic Lifestyle

May 13
19:18 2024
1stPainRehab is a one stop-shop for self-care education, owned and operated by Rosemary Ingado PA.

Stoicism, defined as the endurance of hardships without complaints and displayed feelings, underpins that virtue is fundamentally rooted in knowledge and lived experience. Practitioners of this ancient Greek philosophy exercise restraint and accept unchangeable facts to achieve inner peace.

As a renowned author, highly experienced medical practitioner, and the living embodiment of stoicism in practice, Rosemary Ingado PA founded 1stPainRehab – an educational hub for individuals searching for inner peace.

1stPainRehab launched in 2022. A publishing outlet for Ingado’s acclaimed works, now a far-stretching portal of self-care journals and authored works inspired by stoic virtues, the company exists to cater to the needs of people searching for meaning and direction in life, seeking to become better, stronger, and more resilient versions of themselves.

With decades of experience in diverse fields of medical practice, Rosemary Ingado helped numerous patients overcome a broad spectrum of hardships. However, she always understood that mental fortitude is the key to enduring pain and coming on top of not just medical but obstacles of any kind.

According to Ingado, the inspiration to launch1stPainRehab stems from a need to ensure patients and individuals from all backgrounds have access to self-care resources, stating:

“I stumbled upon a small but significant issue. Many people, despite their resilience, lacked the tools for effective self-care. So, as the calendar flipped to 2022, I had an epiphany – let’s create a professional vision board,” Rosemary said.

The flagship of 1stPainRehab and the benchmark of Ingado’s written works on stoicism is called “1% Zen: Tiny Habits, Big Virtues”. This book dives deep into the dynamics of micro-adjustments and how integrating small self-care changes can make huge impacts on daily lives on the reader.

“1% Zen” describes wisdom, justice, courage, moderation, acceptance, “love of fate”, and virtue as the main pillars of stoicism. Understanding each of these concepts, let alone harnessing their true power, might appear as a Herculean task to individuals who venture on self-care quests on their own. With Rosemary Ingado’s comprehensive guide to inner peace, tranquility and meaning become attainable goals.

To ensure her readers have as much support throughout their self-care journeys, Rosemary has published a range of books that expand on all topics vital to stoic lifestyles.

From “Nourishing Your Noggin”, a detailed vegetable recipe cookbook filled with brain-food recipes to a host of self-care journals designed to promote meaningful changes in behavioral patterns, improve the quality of sleep, and help readers attain a peace of mind, 1stPainRelief strives to fill the gap in the self-care space by constantly launching new material.

Rosemary Ingado, the author behind 1stPainRehab books and the owner of the company, boasts over two decades in the medical industry and currently works as a premier health and wellness coach.

More information about 1stPainRelief is available on the company’s official website.

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