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A Moving Story Of Resilience, Determination, And Passion – Benjamin “Bencasso” Barnes Marks Amazing Comeback

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A Moving Story Of Resilience, Determination, And Passion – Benjamin “Bencasso” Barnes Marks Amazing Comeback

March 31
13:42 2023
A Moving Story Of Resilience, Determination, And Passion - Benjamin "Bencasso" Barnes Marks Amazing Comeback
Enveloping audiences with inspiring, mellow, and light-hearted music – Benjamin Barnes’ “Straight from a Loser’s Mouth” is the authentic story of tortured soul

An ever-loving and ever-honest alternative artist – Benjamin “Bencasso” Barnes makes an amazing comeback, having endured catastrophic brain and skull injuries, disorders, and extensive trauma.

Despite facing innumerable obstacles- a shattered skull, broken vertebrae, collar bone, scapula, and a traumatic brain injury that left him unable to play music for a few years, Benjamin has managed to persevere and make a remarkable comeback. His new remix spins that track “Straight from a Loser’s Mouth” in a way which is unlike any other musical compositions in the Alternative stream.

“Straight from a Loser’s Mouth” features an acoustic recording with analogue tapes that Dan Reilley remixed. Reilley also remixed the vocals with Lizzie Skow’s backup singing more prominent than the bluegrass acoustic rock recording on unlucky.

The new remix highlights recovery from cocaine addiction and was first recorded by the artist’s band Deadweight, a hard rock power trio of electric violin, electric cello, and drums. Benjamin was the lead singer and violinist, and they recorded it on their second studio album ‘Halfwit Anthems,’ which they self-released.

An electic talent, Benjamin achieved early success playing on street corners and selling his mom’s art. He later achieved rock stardom with various bands, including Rilke String Quartet, Deadweight, Mr. Bungle, Les Claypool, Fishbone, and Swindlefish.

In addition to his music, Benjamin is also pitching a reality show about him and his brother navigating entrepreneurship and creating legitimate arts organizations and a for-profit production and broadcasting studio. His story is truly one of resilience, determination, and creativity, and his music is a testament to his passion and talent.

Stream the new single and contact the artist for interviews and speaking engagements! Visit the artist’s art gallery, read his blogs, check out his broadcasts of music videos and comedy on (clasical and jazz) and (bluegrass and rock).

Feel free to hire the artist to learn violin, viola, voice and guitar, make tax deductible donations to his art and music projects at and help him from going homeless again by buying his music and putting it on your streaming playlists!


Benjamin “Bencasso” Barnes is a songwriter, guitarist, violinist whose music is inspired by David Bowie, Miles Davis, and many other Jazz, Rock, Classical, and Bluegrass artists. He resides in San Francisco where he has been a street musician since 1988. The movie “Violin Madness”, a documentary about Ben’s live as rock star and lead singer/violin player with Deadweight and Swindlefish, documents his life as a street performer and former rock star.

Ben recieved his masters and bachelors degrees at San Francisco Conservatory of Music, then went continued with his string quartet Rilke String Quartet, Deadweight, Les Claypool’s Frog brigade,Eric McFadden, Mr. Bungle, Fishbone, DJ Disk, Dead Prez, the Coup, and his first demo was prduced by Jason Newsted of Metallica. He has over 120 songs available on all streaming platforms and major web stores, and will continue to perform for the rest of his life. In 2007, ben was hit by a train, which shattered his skull and broke his collarbone, scapula and two vertebrae. He had to relearn to play violin, guitar, and sing, but in 2017 ben got his chops back after several years of practice and feels comforltalbe enough to pick up where his career left off in 2007.











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