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Dr. Wajih El Hage raises his name in Lebanon and all over the world

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Dr. Wajih El Hage raises his name in Lebanon and all over the world

March 20
12:20 2023
Dr. Wajih El Hage raises his name in Lebanon and all over the world
Dr. Wajih El Hage raises his name in Lebanon and all over the world
Dr. Wajih El Hage never ceases to astonish everyone with his highly fruitful knowledge and creations. A new project that is going to have a huge effect on the world is now in the making. Want to know more about the new project? Read below to know him more closely.

Even in the most difficult economic crises that have passed and are still passing through Lebanon and the dire conditions, the race continues in spreading knowledge and appointing the best and most skilled doctors until they excel at the global level!

He is the young Lebanese doctor “Wajih El Hage,” born on April 17, 1991. He grew up in Mansourieh, Al-Matn, and studied at the “Sisters of the Two Sacred Hearts” Ain Najem school (Saint Coeur Ain Najem) from kindergarten until high school. Between science and knowledge, Dr. Wajih excelled in his studies until he obtained a high school diploma in biology.

He was affiliated with Saint Joseph University in Beirut (U.S.J.) Faculty of Dentistry from 2009 to 2014, and in the last year he traveled to France, where he completed his education at Rennes University, Faculty of Dental Medicine) in France and gained high experience and skill and trained in its university hospital in France, then returned to his country and graduated with distinction and obtained a dentist’s certificate.

He didn’t stop here! Dr. Wajih completed his education at the end of 2017 at Saint Joseph University (USJ) and specialized in “endodontic treatments” (nerve treatment in Science and Dental Materials). His studies continued from 2017 to 2019. Despite his young age and perseverance in science, he was not satisfied with postgraduate studies only, but continued his specialization, as he works to prepare for obtaining the major certificate, which is the “PhD,” at the Jesuit University in cooperation with the University of (Ghent) in Belgium and with the help of an important laboratory in France (Laboratoire de Bacteriologie Orale).He works on oral diseases, nerve diseases, bacteria that cause these diseases, and how to treat them.

Recently, he has been working with a group of doctors to invent a bacterial mixture to help students who want to work on endodontic treatments all over the world. Work on this project is expected to be completed in 2023, which will help scientific progress in the field of oral bacteria and how to get rid of them.

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