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Coach Schlon Announces the Launch of a New Fitness Accountability App.

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Coach Schlon Announces the Launch of a New Fitness Accountability App.

March 10
09:30 2023
Coach Schlon Announces the Launch of a New Fitness Accountability App.
Coach Schlon created a new app to help her clients stick to their fitness goals by relying on an accountability partner throughout their weight loss journey

Schlonda M, fitness influencer, health and wellness coach, and founder of the Tunnel Vision Mindset, is pleased to announce the launch of her brand-new app, Weight Loss Concierge. Weight Loss Concierge was created with the goal of providing accountability to those who need the motivation to reach their weight-loss goals.

In Summer 2021, Schlonda M came up with the idea to create an app that would help her better assist and organize the clients she works with as a Health and Wellness coach. On her own weight-loss journey, she realized that the pressure of creating an entirely new lifestyle is often overwhelming and leads to many people giving up on their goals. She has found that small accountability groups allow people on their journey to weight loss and improved nutrition to not feel so alone.

“Trainers are hired and paid to train and don’t have as much incentive to ensure that people stick to their plans. Accountability is the key to reaching fitness goals, and I want to be the accountability partner that people need,” said Coach Schlon.

Before the official launch of the app, there was a group conducting beta tests on the app and accompanying accountability group. After receiving positive reviews that the app was functional and ready to go, she recently released it on the app store. There are already 50 plus clients who have started to use the app.

Schlonda M is known for having lost 100 lbs through personal training and eating healthy on her own fitness journey. She now feels responsible to help others reach their goals. She learned through her own experiences that there are resources not available in many of the programs currently offered. She has been on a mission to change the fitness landscape ever since.

“It’s not easy to lose 100lbs. I had to cut off many of my friends and family and prioritize my health and my goals, telling them I wasn’t going to be going out to eat or drink with them on the weekends. I saw my results coming and I was determined not to mess it up,” she said.

Through her app, accountability community, and coaching sessions, people learn how to trust in the process, push through when they feel like giving up, and stay focused on the end result.

About Schlonda M

Schlonda McCarthan, CEO of Coach Schlon is committed to creating a secure and encouraging environment for weight loss. She offers personalized nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle program placement that provide clients with the assistance and direction they need to attain their weight loss objectives. As a Health and Wellness Coach, Schlon is dedicated to helping individuals achieve their goals.

For further information on Coach Schlon and how you can achieve your weight loss goals, please visit

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