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The Great Bamboo Project aims to provide cheap, safe, and sustainable homes using bamboo for Floridians in need.

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The Great Bamboo Project aims to provide cheap, safe, and sustainable homes using bamboo for Floridians in need.

March 10
07:27 2023
Amidst inflation at an all-time high, The Great Bamboo Project aims to build eco-friendly homes using bamboo for struggling Floridians.

The Great Bamboo Project is trying to raise four million dollars to partner up with Bamboo Living and Luxx Group so they can provide families and individuals in Florida with a cheaper and more environmentally conscious alternative in the cut-throat real estate market.

Their Story

Speaking to Maggie Garcia, the person who started it all, “With the onset of one global crisis after another, the housing market in Florida has shot up by an astounding 57% in the past two years. Investment firms and BnBs have only taken advantage of people’s weaknesses and have bought out single-family homes, making it impossible for the average family to survive. The Great Bamboo Project aims to provide a solution for many needy families by switching from conventional building materials to bamboo, a much more cost-effective and all-around beneficial alternative.”

Bamboo; the Ideal Solution

Bamboo is the gift that keeps on giving. It is an excellent replacement for lumber as it is equal or even greater in strength and grows three to five times faster. Bamboo can grow up to 3 feet in a day and only takes five years to reach the harvesting stage.

Bamboo acts as a carbon sinkhole, reducing carbon emissions by absorbing Carbon Dioxide. It also binds soil, helping improve its stability and maintaining the water level.

Bamboo architecture is growing in incidence and popularity all over the world, ranging from commercial locations to personal homes. It is the modern, economically viable, and more cost effective solution that is a necessity amidst the signs pointing to climate change.

Aim of Great Bamboo Project

The Great Bamboo Project will use the donations to partner up with Bamboo Living and Luxx Group to create multiple family units that are not only affordable but also termite and hurricane resistant.

The biggest roadblock to achieving their goals is the fact that bamboo is seldom grown locally in the United States; hence they’re forced to import weather-treated bamboo from Hawaii and other locations. In order to combat this, the organization supports bamboo farmers across the U.S. so their harvest can be used to build bamboo homes.


The Great Bamboo Project is a ray of hope for the many Floridians struck by natural and economic disasters. The organization’s goals are realistic and achievable with the help of backers who believe in their aim “to leave the world better than we found it.”

For further queries, please contact the organization via the information listed below.

Media Contact
Company Name: The Great Bamboo Project
Contact Person: Maggie Garcia
Email: Send Email
Phone: (786) 519-2486
Country: United States