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What is Size Weighing Scanning Automated Parcel Sorting System?

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What is Size Weighing Scanning Automated Parcel Sorting System?

February 01
13:36 2023

The size weighing scanning automatic parcel sorting system is an automated system for sorting express parcels. It measures the size and weight of each package and uses this information to sort the package to the correct destination. The system typically uses scanning technology that can automatically identify barcodes or QR codes on packages to determine the package’s destination and other information. This kind of system can help improve sorting efficiency, reduce labor costs, and ensure that packages can reach their destinations accurately and quickly.

The workflow of this automated parcel sorting system is roughly as follows:

Parcels are placed at the entrance of the sorting system.

The system measures the size and weight of the package.

The system scans the barcode or QR code on the package to obtain the destination information of the package.

Based on the measured dimensions and weight and the captured destination information, the system sorts the parcels to the correct destination.

After the package sorting is completed, the system sends the package to the destination.

The advantage of this system is that it can improve sorting efficiency, improve logistics efficiency, and reduce labor costs. However, it also has some disadvantages, such as for some large or irregularly shaped packages, the size and weight may not be accurately measured, or the scan may fail.

In addition, the size weighing scanning automated parcel sorting system has some other features and application scenarios.

This system is often used in large logistics centers or express companies, which can realize the rapid sorting of large-scale parcels.

The system can also be integrated with other automation equipment, such as robots, conveyor belts, etc., to further improve sorting efficiency.

The system can also use different measurement and sorting methods according to different package characteristics. For example, for some lighter packages, a more accurate weighing method can be used; for some heavier packages, a rougher weighing method can be used. way of estimating.

The system can also support recording and statistical functions, which is convenient for managers to understand the flow and sorting of packages.

When using a size weighing scanning automated parcel sorting system, the following points generally need to be paid attention to:

The size and weight of the package should be within the measurement range of the system. If the package size is too large or the weight is too heavy, it may cause measurement failure or sorting failure.

The barcode or QR code on the package should be clear and complete to ensure accurate scanning.

When using the system, attention should be paid to safety issues to avoid damage to packages during flow.

For some special packages, such as fragile items, liquids, dangerous goods, etc., special handling may be required.

If the system fails or has other problems, it should be maintained and repaired in time.

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