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One of 2022’s must-read books on living a life of wonder and happiness is Awake by Dr. Angelo Dilullo

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One of 2022’s must-read books on living a life of wonder and happiness is Awake by Dr. Angelo Dilullo

November 17
21:06 2022

Dr. Angelo Dilullo continues to enrich the lives of readers with his transformative book, Awake: It’s Your Turn. This practical, comprehensive guide is an easy-to-follow roadmap to personal reinvention, immersion, and happiness.

Book cover of Awake

Awake encourages the audience to embrace the possibility of waking up and living a free life full of wonder instead of becoming moored in an ongoing struggle against suffering. This involves dissolving the illusion of separation and rediscovering the true experience of living.

Dr. Dilullo’s work is thoughtfully designed to allow readers from different lifestyles and backgrounds to explore each concept from several unique angles. This ensures that readers can intuitively follow the key concepts without being forced to follow a one-size-fits-all model.

Unlike other titles within the self-help genre, Awake is intended for everyday people who don’t necessarily have a religious or spiritual connection. Skeptics, atheists, and readers who are simply questioning what they believe will find much to appreciate in this secular approach.

Readers praise Awake as a transparent, accessible book that doesn’t rely on complicated terms and metaphysics. Dr. Zubin Damania, also known as the celebrity internet personality ZDoggMD, hails Awake as “a masterclass in breaking the illusion that we are separated from life, from ourselves, and from everything that is.”

In a time of great change and uncertainty about the future, Awake is a standout contribution that more than deserves its merits.

Awake: It’s Your Turn is available for purchase on and Dr. Dilullo’s author website.

Dr. Angelo Dilullo is an author, speaker, and doctor with a passion for helping others escape suffering and discover the boundless nature of true living. After experiencing a fundamental shift in how he views reality at the age of 24, Dr. Dilullo now guides others through the journey of rejecting the distortion of traditional thinking. Learn more about the author and his book at the Simply Always Awake website.

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