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Practical Jokes Made More Fun with What Prank

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Practical Jokes Made More Fun with What Prank

November 17
20:36 2022
Practical Jokes Made More Fun with What Prank
At, people get to create the perfect prank and share some laughs with family and friends

No matter what age – whether they are going through tough times or in need of a bit of loosening up – people always appreciate a good laugh. As the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine – and it is true. Nothing can beat the smiles, giggles, and even cackles drawn out by a comedic, harmless prank.

Everyone knows that the art of a good prank is to catch someone during an unexpected moment, where they will not be able to hide their immediate reaction. Fortunately, mailing sneaky pranks has never been easier with What Prank.

Founded with humor in mind, What Prank is a hilarious website where people can send pranks to their friends and families online. Using What Prank’s hilarious and embarrassing prank mailers, the recipient will go through all the critical stages of a good, fun prank. This includes some embarrassment and confusion, followed by lots of laughter, as they realize that this embarrassing package was seen by everyone that handled it up to the point of delivery.

The process behind What Prank is similar to online shopping. Senders simply choose a prank from, enter the shipping information of the receiver of the prank, and then proceed to checkout. In just a few clicks, anyone can play a mischievous yet harmless trick to their chosen victim/s.

Senders can also include a box of glitter to give the recipient an extra surprise. On top of that, the recipients are asked for their signatures upon delivery, so they have to accept this hilariously ridiculous package from the mailperson.

What Prank is literally delivering prank mails right at people’s doorsteps. But the best part about this website is its complete anonymity, where the sender can choose to mail ultra-realistic pranks to friends and family without revealing his or her identity.

“Rich decided to mail me a package today, and when I saw this package, I laughed so hard I fell to the kitchen floor in the fetal position. I had tears running down my eyes and started seeing spots. And I can’t begin to tell you how stressed out I’ve been the past few days and I needed this laugh more than anything!” shares comedian and What Prank victim Anthony Rodia.

Share a laugh – or two – with a friend or loved one through What Prank. For more information about What Prank, visit their website at

About What Prank

What Prank is a hilarious website that allows people to send anonymous mail pranks to their friends and families.

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