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Dermal filler in Aesthetic medicine in last decade

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Dermal filler in Aesthetic medicine in last decade

November 16
19:57 2022

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Dr.Shohreh Ghasemi DDS.MS of Oral Surgery and Trauma and Craniofacial Reconstruction. Adjunct Assistant Professor of OMFS Department of Augusta University, and faculty member of Georgia School of Orthodontics, Georgia USA.

Shohreh Ghasemi is an Oral surgeon and Assistant Professor in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery  Department at University of Augusta with a Clinical and Research focus and a faculty member of Georgia School Of Orthodontics and keeps training the residents about orthognathic surgery, and being a senior medical advisor of several medical and aesthetic companies such as Suneva Medical Company (Silhouette Instalift, bellafill, and Dermapose, and Prollenium, and Sinclair Company, and editors of several books, entitled by (Innovative perspective in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Navigation in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and the office-based Facial Cosmetic surgery, and minimal invasive rhinoplasty, and researcher in different aspect of oral and maxillofacial surgery and human sciences. A dedicated international speaker in different conferences entitled “ facial cosmetic surgery “ in AMWC, IFACE (Turkey ), and France. Dr.Ghasemi is currently the Medical Doctor at Wind Ward Healthcare and Medical Spa, in Heart of Atlanta .her skill is based on advanced skin, laser, and facial cosmetic surgery.

Phone Number:954-376-2412

Twitter/Facebook: Shooshoo Ghasemi

Instagram: shooshoo ghasemi

Email:[email protected]

Dermal filler in Cosmetic surgery 

Cosmetic surgery is the gold standard for people who need it but with dermal filers we can achieve long-lasting corrections with less side effects that’s why in the last 5 years, dermal fillers are popular in the US and also many other countries. It is important to know the different groups of dermal fillers and know each usage and the area in which they can be used. The longevity of the aesthetic-enhancing effects depends on the type and amount of filler, and injection technique utilized and, treatment location. Case selection and understanding the facial anatomy, aesthetics, and techniques to get a good result in minimally invasive procedures like using dermal fillers are also important factors to get a good result.

Non-invasive improvements in one’s appearance and healthier skin through modern medical practices in the cosmetics industry are becoming highly popular. Variation and demand for dermal fillers have increased drastically during the last few years

Wide use of dermal fillers over the past three decades has been reported in improving the looks of an ageing face through soft tissue augmentation. This practice increased from 1.6M/year in 2011 to 2.6M/year in 2016. With an increase in the number of soft tissue filler injection applications, it is inevitable to see their adverse effects. 

It is essential to know that proper selection and intelligent application of filling products can help manage and avoid complications. 

High use of hyaluronic acid filler than the others is explained by its efficacy, versatility, and safety profiles. 

Skin gains volume and fullness by applying dermal fillers, which are available in different forms. Every product contains its risks and benefits. Potential threats could be reduced by using sterilized and professional appliances and injections. In facial rejuvenation, soft-tissue fillers have gained importance [5]. 

However, these complications resulting from soft tissue augmentation are infrequent with mild adverse effects, and there are meager chances of any severe adversities but repeated. The growing use of the same filling products may lead to some severe skin concerns. But it can be managed by deploying some effective treatments and preventive measures


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