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Prince Nelson bags Artist of the Year East Africa Award from Zikomo Awards Zambia

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Prince Nelson bags Artist of the Year East Africa Award from Zikomo Awards Zambia

November 15
17:15 2022
Prince is a registered songwriter with BMI. His music is distributed by TUNECORE, and with over four million fans since the start of the release of his music, he has become a force to be reckoned with in the industry. He has released 12 tracks in mixed languages, including Spanish, English, and Luganda.


Prince Nelson continues to shoot to fame, this time after bagging the “Best Artist of the Year 2022” award from Zambia’s Zikomo Awards, an international award ceremony that acknowledges and celebrates individuals and organizations contributing positively and doing well in various industries.

When asked about why he loves music so much, Prince Nelson said music has the power “to make people feel at home.”

“When you listen to music, you can somehow relate to it; somehow, you feel like you’re not alone. It feels like someone can understand you. You can get so immersed in the lyrics, carried away with the melody, and get lost into the whole realm of the creativity,” Prince Nelson said.

Prince says great singers, just like magicians, have the power to “transform every word written on paper into beautiful work of art.”

“But the magic wasn’t created during the recording. The spell’s already there once it is written on the paper,” he shares.

Prince writes, produces, directs his music videos, and creates narratively re-structured images that are a replica of his life as he grows up. He is the author of a highly-rated autobiography, “Behind Those Eyes, There Are Lots of Stories to Tell,” a book published by Olympia publishers London. The book is a depiction of his life while growing up as a child to an American Dream when he landed in Houston Texas in May 1995.

Getting global recognition in the music scene

Every African musician is perhaps familiar with ZIKOMO awards, one of the few recognition awards in the music industry in Africa where the trophy takes form in a gilded hand-raising manikin form of a celebrating artist. There’s a long list of ZIKOMO award categories. However, in general, the awards are divided into sections. One of them is the recognition of artists who have outperformed others.


In essence, the Artist of the Year has similarities to the Album of the Year Award and Record of the Year. However, it is conceptually different. Both Album of the Year and Record of the Year Awards will go to the performing artist, the producer, and the recording engineer. Meanwhile, the Artist of the Year recipient is the songwriter, singer, and actor in the music video who wrote the song’s lyrics.

The Artist of the Year is an award to honor the multi-talented singer or songwriter of a single song. This award was first presented in 2009. Since then, the list of subcategories continues to grow. Currently, there are ten categories under the belt of types by Zikomo Awards.

Prince Nelson is the current holder of the prestigious award. The song, “Amaaso go Makambwe,” which literary meaning “scintillate eyes,” was written over 19 years ago but was never released until early January 2022 in Uganda.

The song features musical arrangements of rock but is sung in Luganda, the native language of the Baganda people of Uganda. It was first recorded in Vault Studios by Dave Williams, with guitars played by Mike MacMahon and other famous and known instrumentalists under the instructions of Prince himself.

In 1990, Prince, a theater actor with Kayaayu Film Players who later turned into The Theatrikos, became the first young artist to perform live music as others mimed famous artists like Michael Jackson and alike. 


His writing skills had been discovered by legendary playwright Christopher Mukiibi of the Threatrikos, who hired him to write songs for his plays but later did musicals of his own.

“You can create your magic and become an excellent songwriter. But to get there, you need to begin writing the lyrics. However, there’s a difference between writing unnoticeable lyrics and potential booming songs,” explains Prince.

Find inspiration to create more music

For Prince, winning an award without having a performance or a concert in over 15 years in a language that not everyone understands means a lot. The award is an exemplification of how a 20-year-old song and four others released are a force to be reckoned with in the industry – they are young in design but so rich in culture.

“It can be anything that happened in your life. When you’re going through something, embrace the feeling. Don’t hesitate to pour your emotion into magical words on paper. You never know which one of your song lyrics will turn into a big hit unless you try,” he says.

In 1976, Billy Joel, a well-known American musician, and singer-songwriter, wrote “New York State of Mind” on his own in under 15 minutes. He wrote the song while sitting on a bus on his way back from California to New York.

The song received the Grammy Awards in 2002 for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals category. In this Category, Prince competed with known singers, which included Foby, Zuchu, Rayvanny, Ali Kiba, Malkia Karen, NEDY Music, Harmonize, and a whole lot more. 

Those who wish to learn more about Prince Nelson and his stellar career in the music scene may visit his social channels for more information.

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