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Korean company ‘Hawon-Sangsa’ launches an effective shampoo for smelly scalp

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Korean company ‘Hawon-Sangsa’ launches an effective shampoo for smelly scalp

November 15
07:06 2022

Hawon-Sangsa in Korea has launched ‘Top Perfume Breeze Shampoo,’ made with naturally derived ingredients and is effective for a smelly scalp that remains even after washing.

‘Top Perfume Breeze Shampoo’ contains Houttuynia Cordata Extract, known as the beautiful woman’s flower, Perilla Frutescens Leaf Extract that provides nourishment to hair and scalp, and Rosa Multiflora Flower Extract from Jiri mountain.

In particular, the extract from ginger in the shampoo is antibacterial and deodorizing and is effective for removing sebum and dead skin cells from the scalp.

Moreover, EWG grade 1 naturally derived surfactant is used to improve foamy texture and cleansing power. The soft foam from the shampoo makes it possible to use even for those with sensitive scalps.

The ‘TOP Perfume Breeze Shampoo’ was selected for the ‘Crowdfunding Support Program’ in the Accelerating Support Project hosted by Jeonbuk Technology Holdings. The crowdfunding reached 634%, making a remarkable record.

There are also conditioner products and Idebenone cream being exported to many countries worldwide as ‘W Cosmetic.’

An official from Hawon-Sangsa stated that all the products have their concept sticking to the basics, and they will continue to develop their products to be world-class going toward the global market. 

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