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The King Claude Book Series by Donna Saccone Pinamonti is a Playful Children’s Book Collection that Encourages Children to Face their Fears and Keep on Trying

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The King Claude Book Series by Donna Saccone Pinamonti is a Playful Children’s Book Collection that Encourages Children to Face their Fears and Keep on Trying

November 10
10:04 2022
The King Claude Book Series by Donna Saccone Pinamonti is a Playful Children’s Book Collection that Encourages Children to Face their Fears and Keep on Trying
Children’s Picture Book Author, Donna Saccone Pinamonti and illustrator, Rebecca McSherry have created a captivating book series that celebrates adventures with a lovable family dog.

The King Claude Book Series is a collection of beautifully illustrated children’s picture books that follow the adventures of an adorable “talking” shih tzu, King Claude, and his family. Full of fun and adventure, the books encourage young readers to overcome their fears when facing new or difficult experiences. Each story features the tagline, “You can do it, please just try!” as King Claude and his family enjoy outings in Central Park, New York City, skiing and more.

While teaching first graders how to write, I always called them “authors” and I would have their stories “published” in a hardcover anthology for them to treasure. I promised my classes that one day I would also become a published author and write all about my adventures with my dog, so this series is a promise fulfilled,” says author Donna Saccone Pinamonti. After retiring from a successful 15-year career as a first-grade teacher, Pinamonti was inspired to pursue her passion for writing and bring hope and joy into children’s lives. A role model, leader and award-winning author, Pinamonti serves as a real-life example that it is possible to make your dreams come true. “I hope these books encourage kids to keep on trying, as I did to make my dream of becoming a published author come true.”

The King Claude Book Series contains three titles: King Claude the Talking Dog, King Claude in Central Park, and King Claude in New York City, with the fourth title, King Claude Goes Skiing, releasing in the Fall of 2022. In King Claude the Talking Dog, King Claude is introduced to his family and learns new tricks, including how to “talk.” In King Claude in Central Park, readers are taken on a beautifully illustrated tour of the park as King Claude and the kids enjoy an exciting day of hiking, rowing and a surprise rainstorm. In King Claude in New York City, the kids are encouraged to cross the Brooklyn Bridge as they enjoy the sights of downtown New York. In the upcoming King Claude Goes Skiing, readers will experience an exciting winter adventure where King Claude jumps into action to save the day.

Written in creative, rhyming verse, each story is brought to life with detailed, colorful illustrations that showcase important themes and lessons. “I have a unique collaboration with a former student of mine, Rebecca McSherry, whose beautiful illustrations capture King Claude’s can-do spirit.” In addition, the rhymes act as a helpful tool in teaching children to read, and give children an opportunity to foster humor and imagination through literacy.

The King Claude book series has received very positive reviews from around the world. Thomas P. from Amazon writes, “This fun story about an adorable little dog is great for young readers! The rhyming text makes it perfect to read aloud to kids and also makes it great for those who are learning to read. The story is beautifully illustrated and is relatable for young kids…Definitely a great purchase for anyone with little children and especially for those who love dogs!”

The King Claude Book Series is available for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online retailers.

Readers, parents, educators and book clubs are encouraged to purchase a copy of the books today and visit the author’s website to access word games, puzzles, updates on author visits and new book releases: https://www.kingclaudebooks.wixsite.com/mysite-1

About the Author

Donna Saccone Pinamonti was a first-grade teacher for over fifteen years. Upon her retirement, her love of children, reading, and her dog, Claude, inspired her to begin a new career as an author of children’s books. She is thrilled to team up with a former student, Rebecca McSherry, to create the King Claude picture book series about the adventures of her dog and her two children. She is proud of the King Claude books already published and looks forward to writing more books in the series. Donna loves photography, travel, and spending time with her family. She lives in Middletown, New Jersey.

To learn more, please visit: https://www.kingclaudebooks.wixsite.com/mysite-1

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