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Twinkle Zaman’s Love Notes – Single Hearts Affairs Gets a Fresh New Look

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Twinkle Zaman’s Love Notes – Single Hearts Affairs Gets a Fresh New Look

September 23
16:36 2022
Twinkle Zaman's Love Notes - Single Hearts Affairs Gets a Fresh New Look

(Photo Credits to Dustin Meyer)

Love Notes – Single Hearts Affairs is ready to empower more readers with a fresh new look. First launched in 2021, author Twinkle Zaman penned the book to inspire women with a three-part story. With a new cover yet with the same depth within its pages, the author hopes to captivate more readers worldwide. 

The new cover speaks for the book’s intention and content. Featuring a woman at the center of the design, it gives readers a glimpse of what to expect when they open its pages. Simple yet sophisticated, the book’s new look truly represents the narrative the author wants to amplify to women from all walks of life. 

Love Notes – Single Hearts Affairs is divided into three parts – Woman Within, Chasing Love, and Finding God. It tells the story of a woman searching out who she is meant to be, chasing after a love she has been dreaming of, and finding the true meaning of faith in her search for God. As the book progresses, the author wants her readers to find themselves within the book as she tackles struggles many women could relate to. 

Asked what motivated her to write Love Notes – Single Hearts Affairs, Twinkle said she wanted to spread love, make people feel loved, and know they are enough. She has always found fulfillment in making others smile or laugh or making their day through the simplest of things, and her book is a pure reflection of who she is as a person.

“When I was writing the book, I was just so helpless I didn’t know where else to turn. I also know sometimes it’s frustrating when we pray and pray and our prayers aren’t being answered the way we want them to be. I’ll always have faith, and I believe, and I think that’s all that matters at the end of the day. I hope someone who may be losing their faith in their dreams can find a little hope in that part of the book,” said the author. 

The author feels excited about her book contributing greatly to women’s empowerment. Twinkle saw how today’s modern women find their voices and speak up for themselves. Her own journey to self-discovery took years of reminding her of her worth, dreams, and desires daily. 

“I hope the book inspires women to find that in themselves. It taps into so many different aspects of what we have to deal with in life–the constant scrutiny, our insecurities, and the pressure to be perfect, whatever that means. It’s hard not to get down or feel defeated,” Twinkle shared. “I just never want to see a woman struggle with self-worth or not feeling they aren’t good enough,” she added. Writing the book was cathartic, and she hopes that anyone who reads it can find hidden gems to help them navigate life. 

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