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How to clean a mattress, according to Mattressman, the UK’s biggest mattress specialist

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How to clean a mattress, according to Mattressman, the UK’s biggest mattress specialist

August 15
12:21 2022
A quality mattress is a significant investment for most– one that people want to protect. This means understanding how to clean and maintain it. Mattressman brings the ultimate advice to keep the bed stain-free, dust-free, and odour-free.

A mattress is a serious investment, so it’s no wonder that people want to ensure it maintains its quality and longevity—which entails knowing how to clean the mattress. It can harbour mites, dead skin cells, and other dirt, so they need to be cleaned regularly—especially if individuals have allergies, pets, or are just avid midnight snackers. Mattressman, the UK’s biggest mattress specialist, offers quick tips for frequent mattress maintenance.

The level of cleaning and attention a mattress requires largely depends on its condition. An older mattress will show more significant signs of use, including frayed edges on stitching and considerable inexplicable stains.  

During the night, the body temperature fluctuates to keep people comfortable while asleep. Although this is normal, this can result in sweating which contributes to a less clean sleeping environment.

When heat and humidity combine, they pave the way for the ideal environments for bacterial growth, so it is recommended to let the mattress breathe for a short while when changing the sheets.

Individuals may also consider a quick run-over with the vacuum cleaner on a low setting when changing sheets. This is a much more efficient cleaning method than shaking the mattress. 

For those who want to take the prevention route, they can turn to mattress protectors to prevent exposure from all the usual offenders. Mattress protectors are much easier to clean, and the high-quality ones can thrive in a wash above 40 degrees, killing all harmful bacteria in just a flash. 

However, while a deep clean can do the job now and then, individuals should still do a mattress flip. This depends on the kind of mattress they have, as different springs compress at various rates. Hence, an excellent way to find out is to consult the mattress label, where it will state if the mattress is one-sided or double-sided. 

Whilst cleaning is one thing, eliminating stains is a completely different process for mattresses. Cleaning red wine stains, for example, involves dabbing sparkling water into the stain using a damp cloth. This should aid in penetrating the mattress cloth and stimulate the wine within. Afterwards, they can pour some salt on, working into the mattress fibres, helping the sparkling water by lifting the deep stain. 

If it’s a random stain, individuals can clean the mattress through a stain removal spray. They want to look for something that is activated with enzymes since this is what thoroughly removes both the stain and any left-over smells. 

Now that people know how to make the mattress last with a bunch of deep cleaning tips, it’s time to ensure they have a mattress that would definitely last. They can check out hybrid mattresses, combining two mattress types, usually pocket springs and memory foam, for a perfect night of sleep.

For those who want to learn more about Mattressman, visit their website and its social channels for more information.

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