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JiangShiLab Resurrects Ancient Chinese Hopping Vampires on Ethereum

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JiangShiLab Resurrects Ancient Chinese Hopping Vampires on Ethereum

August 06
09:39 2022
JiangShi Lab is a collection of 8,888 NFTs on Ethereum. The collection was inspired by Chinese folklore and is entering the web 3.0 space with unique, story-driven concepts.

The NFT race shows no signs of slowing. Dozens of new projects are entering one of the fastest-growing industries, most of which are drawn by its massive lucrative potential. A small number of NFT projects were authentically inspired by passion and love for art, and Malaysian JiangShi Lab is their newest ambassador. 

JiangShiLab is a collection of 8,888 exclusive and unique non-fungible tokens residing on the Ethereum blockchain. The project’s spokesperson talked about JiangShi Lab’s vision, and its effort to bring about a community comprised of Jiang Shi enthusiasts, NFT collectors, crypto investors, and traders, stating:

“Our vision is to create a unique brand that brings something that we held dear in our childhood memories to the NFT world. We believe many out there are Jiang Shi enthusiasts, and we would like to bring this community together,” said JiangShi Lab’s spokesperson. 

All JiangShi NFTs are one-of-a-kind, built by a special algorithm that draws from a pool of more than 100 unique traits and characteristics to create a single piece of art. Aside from aesthetic disparities between each JiangShi NFT, all tokens can feature other exquisite elements, such as custom swords, nine-ring staves, cases, corpse bells, Calabash lanterns, hand fans, and talismans, and more. 


This project was largely inspired by a prominent Hong Kong-based martial artist and actor Chin Siu-Ho, who was featured in numerous JiangShi-related movies through the 80s:

“Chin Siu-Ho is a Hong Kong actor and martial artist, notable for acting with Jet Li in “Tai Chi: Master” and “Fist of Legend.” However, what truly propelled him to fame was his performance alongside Lam Ching-Ying and Ricky Hui in the iconic “Mr. Vampire,” a Hong Kong comedy horror film featuring JiangShi, the hopping corpses of Chinese folklore, which was a huge box office success in 1980. His continuous performance in vampire movies, including the most recent Rigor Mortis, Happiness, and Vampire Cleanup Department,  has made him one of the main icons in the JiangShi genre.”

The JiangShi Lab’s soft launch was a huge success, with dozens of high-profile influencers and social media celebrities have praised the project’s artistic exquisiteness. The project was one of the main talk points of NFTsGUIDE’s Review, which garnered over 150,000 views in less than three days. 

The project’s spokesperson imparted that JiangShi Lab’s team is currently working on resurrecting 5 rare JiangShi that were held back from the sale, offering an exclusive opportunity to lucky minters.

JiangShi Lab is making steady progress on its roadmap. Upon reaching 80% of its set milestones, the project will release a digital comic series, which will feature The Brother’s Arc.


JiangShi Lab is officially minting in OpenSea. Currently, 391 items have been minted and purchased by 76 owners. More information about JiangShi Lab is available on the project’s official website.

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