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Curl Bible founder Dana Chanel uses Instagram Reels to scale beauty brands

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Curl Bible founder Dana Chanel uses Instagram Reels to scale beauty brands

August 03
04:51 2022
Dana Chanel combines marketing savvy and a sharp sense of humor to elevate Curl Bible’s up-and-coming beauty brands on social media.

Dana Chanel has found a winning formula to help rising beauty companies represented on her site, Curl Bible, grow their names, increase sales and boost revenue. Chanel uses a unique and creative social media strategy to deploy consistent, high-quality, and entertaining content on Instagram Reels that gets her clients noticed.

Curl Bible is an e-commerce site that hosts up-and-coming beauty brands and helps them break through the market. The site stocks its digital shelves with unique products with a modest following and uses creative social media content to build national and international clientele.

The global beauty industry currently generates more than $100 billion in revenue, and women in America spend over $3,700 on beauty products and services annually. There’s plenty of room for emerging brands but getting noticed in a crowded field takes skill. Consider the competition: beauty companies are expected to spend $7.7 billion on advertising this year, with more than 34 percent going to digital advertising. 

This is where Chanel’s marketing savvy and quick wit come in. Her method of producing relatable and comedic content turns laughs into sales, transforming how opportunity is given to small business owners. 


Using social media to reach 100k in sales

Instagram is an ideal social media platform for beauty brands — 82 percent of beauty shoppers use the app at least once a day. But most social media users don’t want to see ads as they scroll; they want to be entertained. This knowledge fuels Chanel’s core strategy of creating short, funny videos that pique interest and drive product sales. 

Chanel utilized Instagram Reels to help Kaydon Davis, founder of Natural Beauty Express, scale his skincare company. Davis developed an all-natural body butter but, with no beauty industry experience, he didn’t know how to promote it. So, he turned to Curl Bible, worked with Chanel to develop entertaining content, and sold more than 100,000 products.

Another client, TRU Balance Hair Care, partnered with Curl Bible and has generated more than $200,000 in gross sales. 

Curl Bible is eager to find new success stories. It accepts up to 20 new brands each year through its application process. Applicants must be legitimate businesses with an established brand, proof of sales and insurance, at least one year of data, and a reliable supply chain. Brands targeting women are prioritized.



Dana Chanel’s fresh comedic style and slick marketing mastery have helped Curl Bible’s clients turbocharge their sales, break through the competitive beauty market, and scale their brands.

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