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BEST Inc. Offers IPC-A-610 Standard Revision and IPC 620 Standard Revision Materials Online

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BEST Inc. Offers IPC-A-610 Standard Revision and IPC 620 Standard Revision Materials Online

July 07
03:21 2022
BEST Inc., a solder training electronics company, offers solder training tools and IPC-A 610 standard revision materials to technicians.

In the electronics industry, technicians must continue to stay up-to-date on different procedures and standards of operation. They are also required to work with the latest set of tools to offer professional and satisfactory services to their clients. BEST Inc. is an electronics company that is dedicated to providing professional PCB rework/repair, assembly, and training tools & services. The company has in its employ well-trained and certified IPC soldering technicians who are experienced and skilled at working on the most complex BGA repair and PCB rework. They provide technicians of other electronics companies with the necessary tools and resources required to deliver quality work to clients and customers.

In response to a query about their services and training tools, the spokesperson of BEST Inc. commented, “We have professional soldering technicians on our team, and we know what tools and equipment are appropriate for PCBs and BGAs. By using cutting-edge tools and equipment that are industry-standard, we can get jobs done accurately and promptly. We invest greatly in offering top-notch services to our clients and customers. With this, we also decided to help other technicians do the same. You will find in our inventory several training tools and materials that are specifically made to improve the quality of work technicians deliver.”

BEST Inc. offers a wide range of solder training kits. These include kits for IPC JSTD-001, IPC 7711, and IPC 7721 programs. They are provided in various configurations for solder training and certification programs. They also have kits for basic solder assembly training, PCB rework/repair, and more. Their goal is to provide technicians with all the materials and soldering kits they need to stand out in the industry where they serve.

Technicians from other electronics companies can be sure to find various training materials for their projects conveniently. With its trusted staff, BEST Inc. provides its customers with guidance on the most appropriate tools and materials to deliver quality work. On their website, technicians can purchase materials such as IPC-A 610 standard revision.

The spokesperson added, “The IPC-A-610 standard is a popular electronics assembly acceptance document used by many technicians. This document is the industry standard for the acceptance criteria for assembled PCBs. In this material, technicians will find updated criteria and new & revised graphics. For inspectors and operators, this material is designed or made in synergy with J-STD-001, and with this revision, IPC/WHMA-A-620. We have been in the industry for quite some time, and we would at any time recommend the IPC-A-610 to any technician interested in acceptance criteria for electronic assemblies. You can reach out to us if you have any questions about our materials or training kits.”

At BEST Inc., they also provide technicians with PCB repair kits such as land repair kits, board repair kits, gold contact replating kits, circuit frames, eyelets, replacement parts, and all other PCB repair kits. Interested technicians can also get the IPC 620 standard revision on their website.

About BEST Inc.:

BEST Inc. is a reputable electronics company specializing in the provision of soldertools and materials.

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3603 Edison Place,

Rolling Meadows, IL 60008

Phone: 847 797 9250

Fax: 847 797 9255

Email: [email protected]


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