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A True Success Story Reaching Out The International Arena From A Village School

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A True Success Story Reaching Out The International Arena From A Village School

July 02
01:33 2022

Teacher Gamze Beyaz, a Turkish entrepreneur has developed “the Individualized Turkish Language Teaching Model for Kids” with “LingKID“, an online Turkish language school. Giving online Turkish lessons to the kids from all over the world, Mrs. Beyaz has carried her successes to the international arena thanks to more than 100 trainings of child development and foreign language teaching she received, and her master’s degree in the field of “Teaching Turkish as a foreign language”, as continuation of her success story, which started in a village school. The model for special education developed by Mrs. Beyaz receives very positive feedback from both parents and children.

The idealist teacher says she has very big goals for this education model she has developed!

Gamze Beyaz is a 32-year-old idealist teacher dedicated herself to kids. Mrs. Beyaz who is married and has two daughters worked in different schools of Turkey for more than 10 years as a salient teacher with her visionary nature and successes. In 2017, when online educations were not widespread yet, Mrs. Beyaz who discovered online educations because of her daughter’s English education set out by saying, “If I had been the designer of this program, I would have used different techniques and done this job much better,” after she experienced the deficiencies of these courses as an educator and a parent. Mrs. Beyaz who says “To be guest of families from different cultures online and to witness the development of children made me very excited. It was an indescribable experience to see that I touched their lives.” has pioneered many children from different countries to learn Turkish in a short time. She is known as Dunya to her students.

Individualized teaching model

Pointing out that she also looked forward for every lesson just like her students did, Mrs. Beyaz draws attention with her words that “Every child is different and unique. Thanks to the special and unorthodox teaching methods and techniques I have used in our trainings, children learn languages by having fun instead of boring methods.” Thanks to the programs privately designed for different needs and tendencies of each child, she has enabled all children to achieve very effective results in their Turkish language development in a short time.

First in the world!

Carrying her business to a corporate dimension with the mission of encouraging the curiosity and the creativity of children, enabling them to learn languages while having fun, and empowering children by inspiring them for the future, she aims to provide a great opportunity for them to be more self-confident and productive individuals who have power to reveal their potential in the future by removing the language barriers in front of the children from all corners of the world with a cadre of well-equipped and entertaining teachers, who are experts in their fields and holding master’s and PhD degrees, personally selected by Mrs. Beyaz. 

Mrs. Beyaz who set out with these aim and belief blazed the trail in the world by establishing LingKID, the first and only online Turkish language school specialized in language teaching for children.

“I have dedicated myself to this job”

Gamze Beyaz says that, “It is a big issue that the children of Turks abroad cannot speak Turkish. Their names are Ahmet and Ayse, but they cannot speak Turkish. They have been estranged from the Turkish culture and assimilated. The desire to find a permanent solution for this problem is the accurate reason why I have dedicated myself to this work. The foundation for the language development is laid at the child age.”

”My goal is not to leave even a single Turkish child in the world who cannot speak Turkish!”

Emphasizing that the source of her motivation is not the money, Mrs. Beyaz states: “In the beginning, I could not get paid for 3-4 months. Nevertheless, I didn’t focus on money. I was shuttling between countries every half an hour from Amsterdam to Dubai, from New York to Paris, and it was amazing! The source of motivation for me was always to come together with the children from different cultures which I visited, and to ensure their development.

“She will help girls to receive free education”

Mrs. Beyaz says that “I have dedicated myself to this work. I want the LingKID school to come to mind of every child first, when he/she wants to learn Turkish. We also aim at implementing our project in different languages.” Mrs. Beyaz who has turned her hobby into her business adds that she would like to be a woman who will inspire her two daughters, and to establish a charity for the education of girls.

LingKID’s education model

LingKID’s one-to-one online courses last 25 minutes. The first course is given for free.  The teachers in the cadre of LingKID teach Turkish to children by enriching the teaching methods and techniques developed by Mrs. Teacher Gamze with their own methods. If necessary, the teachers use materials such as ukulele and puppet to attract children’s attention. In privatized classrooms, the rhythmic and intuitive learning models with game are implemented. The school program was prepared according to the psychological characteristics of children. The course materials were exclusively developed for children as a whole. In the courses, the children make a pleasant journey through the magical world of Turkish. The students are given free access right to the course materials and a “Turkish Certificate of Achievement”.

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