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Luxe Du Jour All in One Destination for All Things Luxury

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Luxe Du Jour All in One Destination for All Things Luxury

June 22
22:03 2022

Calgary, Alberta, Canada – June 22, 2022 – Luxe Du Jour is a luxury consignment company offering an incredible selection of pre-loved, professionally authenticated designer handbags. It is truly the “Amazon” of bags. Shoppers can choose to buy or sell pre-owned purses, rent bags for a short period of time, or send an item to the Luxe Bag Spa to be professionally restored by an in-house expert. The world is transitioning to making a more passive income. We see this with apps such as “Uber”. Customers are able to sell or lend their bags out. Luxe Du Jour has become an all-in-one destination for all bag lovers.

Luxe Bag Rental ( by Luxe Du Jour is the newest go-to destination to connect handbag renters and lenders- think of it as the “Airbnb” of bags. It is an innovative way where you can become a borrower and rent out high-end authentic designer handbags or you can be a lender and make passive income off the bags you do not currently use and would like to lend out through our company. Renting trendy pieces is more sustainable than owning the bag and letting the bag sit for years. While this is not a new concept, it’s fairly new in Canada. In the states luxury is rentable and many celebrities even rent their looks. This also saves the consumer hundreds even thousands of dollars on their “it” bag. Many rent bags for their Instagram post, a blog or even one night out.

Luxe Du Jour CEO and Founder Tammy Phan was a high school dropout turned millionaire. She came from humble beginnings with an immigrant refugee family and she was a first generation Canadian. She had a passion for luxury handbags at a young age and she spent her time researching and learning about all the brands. Luxe Du Jour curates a following of smart consumers. They take their time to educate their audience on their various social platforms about the counterfeit industry, how bags can become investments and the promotion of circular fashion.

Tammy Phan found there was a gap in the marketing for luxury consignments. EBay, Kijiji, Facebook marketplace were full of lowballers, scam artists and, and overall, and unsecured to sell her luxury pieces. Other consignments at the time had high consignment rates. Phan opened an Instagram account where she began posting her bags as well as family and friends.

They found that they could easily re-home their pre-loved handbags by consigning them, recoup their investment, and save on new purchases by choosing to buy pre-loved handbags. On top of this, it was crucial that the consignors would make a fair return on their investments.

In August 2018, Luxe Bag Spa was born and specializes in luxury designer handbag restoration services to make them look and feel as good as new. Over the years, we’ve helped many bag addicts and collectors repair and revive some of their most loved and cherished possessions.

Luxe Du Jour is launching their app to create a more convenient experience for their clients. They will also be expanding their business into the US.

Phan believes the need to capitalize on Metaverse and NFT’s now and is working on Luxe Du Jour brands making their mark. In the next three years, Luxe Du Jour will become a luxury tech company.




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