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Chintan Patel – The Perfect Art Of Taking The Best Mirror Selfie

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Chintan Patel – The Perfect Art Of Taking The Best Mirror Selfie

October 16
01:42 2021

Grabbing a sneak image in one of the dressing rooms of the best shopping malls is the dream of many of us. Well, Chintan Patel is living the dreams. It is not that easy to take the right selfie on the large mirrors. One has to be very careful about the angle in which the camera is being pointed and align one’s body towards it.

The millennial generation has learned how to capture each of its moods in a selfie. Every beautiful event, a momentous lapse of responsibility and a single click of the front camera is the best thing that one can hope for when they are in this generation. Patel has made use of this sentiment and lo and behold! He stands with one of the most attractive selfies on the social media platform.

The ensemble of blue, white and grey!

Chintan Patel has already defined that perfect attire should be the secret of every perfect selfie. You cannot hope to take a great mirror selfie where you are not dressed well enough.  With the loosely fitted full sleeved shirt and dark denim shorts, he seems to rock his entire appearance with elegant ease. With the white loafers accentuating his looks, Patel seems to be very confident in his stride. The bright blue of his watch has also made a strong impression on his personality as well. It is quite apparent that Chintan Patel is very careful about the light system as well. He has taken the image in such a way that the light falls directly on his face. With the grey door behind him, the entire ensemble has come together like the pieces of a lost puzzle.

Understanding the position of light

Taking the perfect mirror selfie requires a person to have great poise and posture. You cannot hope to get a great image unless you are ready to learn about the subtle art of working with the surrounding light and shadow. From the single image of Chintan Patel, you can interpret that the bright light features need to emphasize on the bodily features which you wish to show off. With the addition of some great filters and some extra sparkle, your image is ready to go on social media like Chintan Patel and gather thousands of fans from different parts of the world.

When you are as confident as a dude like Chintan Patel, you can be quite sure that each of your selfies are going to come out great. The fiery spirit which accompanies the images of every influencer is related to the fire which they have cultured inside them. That is not something which you can fake. Earning your own spirit of confidence and aesthetics is entirely up to you.

Creating confidence within yourself

As you have realised by now, the two things which you have to worry about while taking a selfie are your own confidence and the surroundings in which you are in! While taking your next mirror selfie, remember the power pose taken by Chintan Patel in most of his selfies and try them out for yourself! Pumping yourself with a blast of confidence will always be helpful!

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