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September 24
01:51 2021 Promotes Israel Group Tours: Seeing the Holy Land

Israel has long been known as God’s chosen land. People throughout time have wondered why such a small nation without much power in the grand scheme of things would be God’s choice. Yet, it was. Throughout the ages, this development has caused its fair share of confusion among people and other nations. In fact, it even caused quite a bit of anger and jealousy. Still, the Land of Israel has persevered to maintain its favor in God’s eyes and see its prophecies fulfilled. 

Taking a Trip to Israel

In light of the biblical teachings, Israel has become a highly sought-after destination for Jews and Christians from around the world. Some simply want to see the land God loved so much, whereas others make their trips a full-blown pilgrimage with great religious significance. One can find more hints on must-see destinations in Israel, but for now, take a look at some of the deeper details behind the story of this great nation.

Digging Deeper

Israel is located in the Middle East. It’s nestled among Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan with the Mediterranean Sea bordering it on the west. Its landscape consists of a range of features from beaches to deserts. This country has amassed quite a long and diverse history over the centuries, and its story is still being written today. 

Long ago, God proclaimed that Israel was His treasure. Its small size, minimal population, and lack of ultimate power were the very factors that drew His attention. He saw potential in the people of Israel, according to and many other sources. In time, the Israelites came to realize that God was the one true deity. They embraced Him, and he vowed to protect and make Israel a holy place. 

Over time, the true Israelites were exiled from their land. At that point, God said the land and people therein would not prosper until His chosen people were returned to their rightful place. That wasn’t the only time the Israelites were driven from their home, but they had faith that things would work out in the end. 

Coming Into the Present

In 1948, Israel became a state all its own, and the Israelites’ 2,000-year exile came to an end. Though it had been considered a holy place all along, its people were finally able to return, and Jews from around the world seized the opportunity to return to their homeland. Jews and Christians were free to visit to see the Holy Land for themselves, and companies like Immanuel-Tours helped them get there.

Visiting the Holy Land

The recent pandemic brought pilgrimages to the Holy Land to a halt for a bit. However, a recent write-up noted, “Israel to Resume Welcoming International Tour Groups.” At this point, people are once again free to visit. 

Israel never ceased to be God’s treasure, and the people who belonged there were His chosen few all along. During their exile, they never stopped believing that God would see them through and bring them home. That prophecy has now been fulfilled, and even more, are destined to follow suit.

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