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Best Budget Metal Detectors for Prime Day & Father’s Day

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Best Budget Metal Detectors for Prime Day & Father’s Day

June 16
21:45 2021

This summer, why not enjoy the beautiful nature with Ricomax metal detectors! It is not only the best gift to get on Prime day for Father’s Day, but also a perfect treat for everyone who is keen on outdoor activities. As a professional metal detector producer, Ricomax is devoted itself in designing and making the metal detectors that perfectly grasp the needs of users and achieve the ultimate comfort of the user experience.

In this article, there will be four models of metal detectors that are suitable for different levels of treasure hunters.

For those who are just getting started, Model GC-2008 is simple to operate and easy to carry, and users can quickly experience the fun of finding metal. But its advanced detection technology is also a spare part for professionals. The new version of 2008 in 2021 has improved the physical sealing and waterproof function based on the previous one, realizing the beautiful vision of discovering underwater. In terms of detection sensitivity, 2008’s advanced pulse technology will react and receive metal reflected pulses faster, detect metal faster, and monitor the position more accurately.

Get it now:

Original Price: $109.99
Prime Day Price: $87.99 (20% OFF)

And if anyone hopes that the metal detector can be smaller and more portable, GC-2007 will be the choice not to be missed. GC-2007 adopts the same pulse technology as 2008, and also improves the sealing and waterproof function on the basis of the old version. Although its detection depth and sensitivity are not so impressive as 2008, the design of its probe can detect extremely narrow gaps, adding more fun underwater.

Get it now:

Original Price: $47.99
Prime Day Price: $38.39 (20% OFF)

For medium level of treasure hunters out there, GC-1023 can be a great choice for both economic reason and professional concern.

GC-1023’s view meter can give feedback of the detection results more accurately. The 10-inch waterproof coil can detect underground metal buried to 8 inches, and can easily cope with wet environments such as beaches and swamps.

GC-1023 metal detector provide DISC mode (different metal types by long and short tones) / TONE mode (different metal types by high and low tones) / full metal mode (only detect and do not distinguish metals) / Pinpointer mode (positioning target metal), also there is a low battery indicator light to remind the user to replace the battery. Each mode has an automatic ground balance function to help balance mineralization.

Metal Detector for adults GC-1023 provide 10 levels of sensitivity adjustment, the detection efficiency and accuracy exceed most similar products on the market. Help to find the targeted metal more quickly.

Get it now:

Original Price: $79.99
Prime Day Price: $63.99 (20% OFF)

For advanced players in the field, here comes the most luxury and professional model of Ricomax — GC-1058. Let’s take a look at this model. 1058 metal detector can identify nine different Types of metal just by simply adjusting the numbers on the panel, a simple operation with guaranteed high accuracy; At the same time, it can also use different tones and the screen illumination to identify different metals.

It is more professional than ordinary metal detectors, with 9-level sensitivity adjustment, volume adjustment and display brightness adjustment. It can also display the depth of the metal burried to help you find the treasure faster.

It can meet the needs of different types of use environments. Display brightness adjustment, volume adjustment and head phone available, waterproof, meet all the needs of different types of the use environment.

Get it now:

Original Price: $159.99
Prime Day Price: $127.99 (20% OFF)

This brand, Ricomax, for metal detectors is highly recommended by plenty of users. And it is also a great choice of gift for both kids and adults. Take a look and find more details about it!

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