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A New Voyage in the Decentralized Realm of Blockchain Dedonation

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A New Voyage in the Decentralized Realm of Blockchain Dedonation

July 24
01:30 2019

This is a decentralized smart investment eco-finance system running on the Ethereum public chain.

More than 400 years ago, the Dutch who pioneered the shareholding system for ocean trade established a modern financial system. Today, blockchain technology is transforming the world, especially the financial industry. Various blockchain projects are springing up, but high-risk practice like arbitrage is also coming along, and the centralized management of traditional financial institutions often leads to unfair distribution of resources. Is there any way to change this so that everyone has equal an opportunity to achieve wealth growth?

In order to pay tribute to the era of great voyages that dare to take risks and explore, a group of financial and blockchain geeks who are at the forefront of the times learn the Dutch spirit of innovation and their advanced system, combining the core concept of decentralization of blockchains and the modern financial instruments to create a decentralized smart investment eco-finance system. It’s on the Ethereum public chain and provides a ticket — $mart Fund, $F for all those who want to participate in the new maritime era of blockchain and gain wealth freedom.

The $mart Fund Ecology consists of a smart fund and a number of DAPP projects. It is completely decentralized, using voting democratic decision-making, investing in DAPP projects with clear profit model on Ethereum, real-time dividends.


As a groundbreaking new smart investment ecosystem, take a look at what it can bring you –

If you are conservative, you can use the price difference between the first and second markets, or mine on the exchange to achieve risk-free arbitrage;

If you are a stable type, you can buy low and sell high, and get ahead of the game. Buying means enjoying the appreciation;

If you are aggressive, you can pledge $F and enjoy the dividend income of the investment project.

No matter who you are, you can find your own choice here.

In return for the investor’s trust, in the early stages of all new investment targets, the system will double the rewards: return of 2 times the ETH value of the $FD reward to the initial participants.

In addition, $mart Fund implements an invitation priority mechanism: all early participants can apply for an invitation code for free, becoming the top of the smart investment ecosystem, and they can all receive $FD rewards through network fission promotion. Further, to build a community, you can also enjoy the additional 1% of the additional incentives, as well as the priority coupon $FP gift, not capped.

This is a tribute to the first investors who have made a breakthrough contribution to the smart investment eco-$F construction, and they will build a coveted wealth system that only a few people can have.

If you want to know more about it, please download the project white paper from the official website$mart_Investment_Ecology.pdf

You can study it carefully, and once you understand it, I believe that you will be excited to have the opportunity to become the “blockchain coachman”. 

The turning point in history has arrived, and even the world’s largest social giant, Facebook, has begun to build a payment system based on cryptocurrency. The emergence of decentralized finance (DeFi) provides the true utility of cryptocurrencies, allowing wealth to flow freely! The use of blockchain, cryptocurrency or smart contracts to provide financial services will be the trend of the future world, and DeFi has become the consensus of geeks and elites around the world.

At this time, the $F, which has already set sail, is the forerunner in this field. It carries the adventurous spirit and free will of all investors who dare to innovate and dare to be the first in the world, and will surely detonate the prosperity of DeFi!

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