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All civils participate, co-shape ecology, joint activity organized by Orientwalt (HTDF) & Hetbi Currency Exchange is coming around

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All civils participate, co-shape ecology, joint activity organized by Orientwalt (HTDF) & Hetbi Currency Exchange is coming around

July 03
01:34 2019

On July 1, 2019, the “Super Friends Real Name Certification Welfare Promotion” event jointly organized by the Orientwalt (HTDF) & Hetbi Currency Exchange is officially launching. It is reported that this event is open to users, and it is easy to obtain HTDF rewards by completing the real-name certification of Hetbi Exchange. The event is expected to issue 500,000 HTDF, which is a veritable participation of the whole people. HTDF has achieved a 100-fold increase since the on line of the Hetbi Currency Exchange, which now reported at 2.52 USDP, about RMB 17.74. In other words, the reward value of this event is about 10 million CNY, and the gratitude feedback is quite exemplary.

Orientwalt (HTDF) is a global public chain. With block chain technology as the core, integrates application scenarios together in multi-faced and multi-angle, solves the problems which cannot be dealt in traditional networks through the features of block chain technology, proposes comprehensive solutions through analysis the existing in block chain. What’s more, HTDF is a value Token which can be used at which can be applied to the consumption of various scenarios in the community and the value interaction between different chains, which can further intensify the efficiency of community ecological collaboration.

Based on the POS+PBFT hybrid consensus mechanism and included the virtual machine, chain group cross-chain technology, new intelligent contract, identity authentication and other governance mechanisms and the ecology of the underlying block chain system of diversified mining. Orientwalt (HTDF) shaped the world’s first digital ecological Smart Home community based on block chain technology, through innovating technology features, integrating entertainment games, social payment, cultural copyright, charity, mall system, Internet of things, AI, value sharing and other “Smart Home” ecological application scenarios, thus leading the real arrival of the block chain era.

The Hetbi Exchange is one of the world’s leading digital asset trading platforms, dedicated to providing safe, convenient, reliable and professional digital asset currency trading experience to users around the world. It has a multi-level risk identification control system based on block chain technology for bank-level users’ data encryption and dynamic authentication. It is also equipped with a high-performance engine that recharge instant, collect fast, and 10,000 bills per second as well as safe and convenience.

By applying the economic model of Orientwalt (HTDF) and the multi-incentive model, it can effectively improve the activity of community and prosper the community ecology. At the same time, with the global trading network of Hetbi Currency Exchange,the influence and catalyst effect of block chain technology innovation will be expanded. Behind this joint event is a fresh attempt by block chain innovation on behalf of Orientwalt (HTDF) and the leading trading platform Hetbi in industry. The strong alliance between the two will inevitably bring more experience in the model and technology to learn.

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