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With Passion and a Resolute Mindset Philip Austin is Set to Influence and Inspire Thousands of People with His Fitness and Professional Training

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With Passion and a Resolute Mindset Philip Austin is Set to Influence and Inspire Thousands of People with His Fitness and Professional Training

August 10
18:06 2022
Philip Austin encourages and inspires people to live a healthy lifestyle by becoming a leading social media influencer

A 19-year-old young yet focused individual, Philip Austin, has been inclined towards fitness and training since his early days. Although he was young, his zeal to become a famous fitness influencer on several social media platforms increased with each passing day. At the age of 15, Philip Austin started finding ways to build a business based on his passion and to reach the heights of success. In spite of facing a traumatic and abusive childhood, Philip Austin stayed consistent and firm on his decisions to pursue his career in fitness while becoming a leading and top fitness influencer. Even though he faced some challenging and arduous circumstances in his life, he had a good sense of self-confidence and refused to doubt himself. The situations helped him gain strength from situations rather than feel pity for himself, and he buckled up for the upcoming future.

He used his stress to build himself and create a life for himself that he had always desired. Being into sports from his high school days helped him maintain his body in shape, and soon, he embarked on a journey of entering the fitness realm. During this phase, he soon realized the increasing power and boom of social media, and therefore, he was contended to become a helping hand to society by preaching goodness and positivity through his social media content. Because of posting exciting lifestyle content, Philip Austin was soon able to build a solid fan following, and currently, he is reaching across social media accounts with fitness content to create a better and healthier lifestyle mentally and physically.

“I am determined to inspire every life that comes along my way, knowing that what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory in the coming days. Worry about Nothing. But have faith and manifest about everything,” says Philip Austin.

Having a strong grasp of exceptional communication skills has enabled Philip Austin to scale up his level and approach several prestigious fitness companies. He strives and puts all his hard work into becoming a fitness influencer and a sponsoring athlete in famous fitness companies while getting recognition for being a predominant fitness influencer in the Midwest Region. With diligent efforts and tireless hard work, Philip Austin intends to work with Young LA, Alpha Lete, ASRV, Gym Shark, and Lululemon, striving hard to bring positive change and impact into society.

Aside from burgeoning social media fitness-influencing skills since his childhood, Philip Austin is determined to save the lives of people who are drowning in trouble while bringing positivity and comfort to the table. Being a victim of a disturbing childhood has molded him into an empathetic individual who constantly tries to go the extra mile to help others while dragging them out of the darkness and bringing a ray of light into their lives. Moreover, besides inspiring people with his life journey, Philip Austin also aims to strengthen his ties and relationships with fitness companies and influencers around the globe while providing his followers with a platform and life full of aspirations that will be encountered on the Philip Austin Fitness Journey.

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