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Toinrt International Exchange starts the Revolution of epoch-making Block chain

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Toinrt International Exchange starts the Revolution of epoch-making Block chain

June 30
20:40 2022

It is reported that in 2021, the total trading volume of the toinrt exchange exceeded 10 billion US dollars, the average daily trading volume of the platform was stable at around 900 million US dollars, and the total amount of social media attention exceeded 250000.

Toinrt ( is an international digital diversified exchange located in New York, USA. Toinrt has served users all over the world. Toinrt’s core team and investment consultant team are composed of experts from many countries around the world. The operation team has 20 years experience in blockchain industry. There are independent trading operations and operation centers in the United States, Canada, Singapore, Switzerland, Japan, Vietnam, Dubai, South Korea and Hong Kong.

Tionrt is full-featured and more user-friendly, and the exchange provides users with a rich product line. The exchange currently supports multi-currency trading with ultra-low fees, high-yielding wealth management products, deep liquidity contracts and high-speed contract trading markets, regular discounts on mainstream tokens, and a series of currency activities. In terms of security, tionrt gives full play to the technical advantages of the interaction between virtual currency and big data, ensures the safety and speed of transactions on the chain, and gives traders multiple scientific protection measures.

Compared with the traditional individual user service system, toinrt pays more attention to providing professional, convenient and secure digital products and services for institutions and professional users, aiming to improve the service system of the encryption market to a greater extent and meet the investment needs of all kinds of users. in the blockchain world, people are more and more pursuing rapid and efficient transaction settlement. Among them, high-speed contract trading has been highly recognized by the industry since it was launched as a rapid, efficient, simple and stable way of transaction settlement.

The rules of express contract trading are the most simple and straightforward. First, select the digital currency to be traded. The trading time interval is 1min, 3min, 5min and 60min. Within the risk range that we can control, we set the transaction amount, set the stop loss of earnings, and place orders according to the technical analysis of the currency direction trend. The characteristic of express contract trading is to close the position at maturity and settle on time. As a new driving project, the launch of extreme speed contract trading means that the platform provides a wide range of options for individuals and large capital institutions who want to enter the field of contract trading. In the future, tionrt will deepen the layout of NFT meta-universe Metaverse and gradually create a brand-new virtual digital civilization world.

As a rookie superstar project in the blockchain field, tionrt is committed to combining blockchain technology to create a digital intellectual property protection ecosystem. In the future, tionrt will focus on how to better improve business and community ecology, improve tionrt hard power, move forward to higher and farther blockchain landing applications, and start an epoch-making blockchain revolution!

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