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G-OLDMAN Announces The Launch of Their Groundbreaking NFT Collection

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G-OLDMAN Announces The Launch of Their Groundbreaking NFT Collection

May 25
19:57 2022
Fashion-themed NFT project, G-OLDMAN, set to bridge the gap between digital arts and the fashion world with the launch of the G-OLDMAN collection


The G-OLDMAN looks set to challenge the status quo in the world of fashion by taking the catwalk to the Metaverse with the launch of the G-OLDMAN collection. Championed by a fashionista golden ager, the project is the first of its kind that seeks to promote sustainability, elegance, helpfulness, openness, and honesty, as evident in the collection of 8055 NFTs, with minting to start on June 19th, 2022.

“I will lead the NFT family to unknown quality. We will rediscover style and reinterpret classic gentleman’s accessories on the digital catwalk.” – G-OLDMAN.

Non-fungible tokens have become increasingly popular in recent times, attracting the attention of individuals and businesses across industries. While the world of fashion has not been left out of the NFT frenzy, G-OLDMAN is looking to take the experience to another level by charting a new course in the digital fashion world with their three-dimensional 4K-resolution NFTs.

The G-OLDMAN collection will offer fashion lovers as well as NFT enthusiasts a total of 8055 NFTs, which includes 8000 generated and 55 individually designed G–OLDMANS. Special supporters also stand a chance of getting a personal NFT that will never be part of the collection. Minting is expected for Father’s Day, June 19th, 2022, as G-OLDMAN aims to encourage all young and old dads and other cool dudes, male, female, and diverse, to be able to be part of the community.

The “G-OLDMAN CLIQUE,” which forms part of the system, is created as a platform where members create NFTs, design first-class fashion, and bond with each other. In addition to becoming part of the G-OLDMAN community and earning/buying exclusive NFT arts, holders also join a first-class club that cherishes high-quality, stylish apparel with access to premium parties. 

There are also plans to launch exclusive merch made from organic cotton and available for buyers of G-OLDMAN NFTs. The collection will include high-quality apparel designed by renowned designers with over 30 years in the luxury fashion industry, offering one-of-their-kind hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, down vests, socks, and shirts.


For further information about the NFT collection and other aspects of the G-OLDMAN project, visit – G-OLDMAN also has a growing online community across social media, including TwitterInstagram, and Discord.

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