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How The Food Industry Is Changing Amid COVID-19

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How The Food Industry Is Changing Amid COVID-19

January 18
20:06 2022
How The Food Industry Is Changing Amid COVID-19

SINGAPORE – 18 JAN, 2022 – When the pandemic hit in the early days of 2019, no one then could predict how it would impact industries across the world, with the food industry being one of the hardest hit. As governments tightened restrictions, many food businesses found themselves struggling to survive.

It is one thing to see their customer base drop to zero, but with movement being restricted across all sectors, it isn’t just the profits earned from these food businesses that are hit hard. Access to the wider world translates to many essential elements for those running a restaurant – special ingredients, education and upskilling, and employment. With access to ingredients being cut off, restaurants find themselves having to switch up menus, or find substitutes, sometimes compromising the taste of their food. For those finding work – they either use the opportunity to roam the world, or stay in and find ways to innovate in their homes.

Of the latter is Chef Cedric Okiorina, once an avid traveller and food enthusiast, now expert home cook. Transforming his kitchen into his workspace was only the beginning – Chef Cedric Okiorina wasted no time in experimenting with a wide variety of cultures and diets, creating delicacies inspired by The Mediterranean, Europe and even down to Asia, meshing traditional with new age techniques and ingredients – ever heard of Keto butter chicken? At Chef Cedric’s kitchen, almost anything is possible.

Re-opening the food world via VTLs

Quite recently though, borders are reopening, albeit with countermeasures in place to protect people from further threat of the virus. The Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTL) function as an express pathway for travellers who are fully vaccinated, who do not need to quarantine upon arrival at a different country. Though still in early days, we are seeing quite a number of people gearing up to enjoy a taste of life again.

What does this mean for the food industry then? For one, there will be a steady stream of tourists visiting and patronising restaurants, inevitably helping to revive restaurants all over the world. Chefs now do not need to be bound to the home kitchen, and can now begin again exploring the flavours that the world has to offer (provided they’re accessible via VTL, of course). On top of that, ingredients that were difficult to obtain may be easier to access. These are bound to happen bit by bit – provided enough measures are put in place to counter future variants and the uncertainty that they bring.

One thing that’s for certain is that the innovation that sprang within the kitchens of home cooks like Chef Okiarina is bound to make meaningful change to the food industry. In learning to adapt, home chefs have given birth to new ideas and techniques, all the more to spice up the restaurant world, when we finally step out to have our favourite meals, by our favourite chefs.

About Chef Cedric Okiorina

As an avid traveller and food enthusiast, Chef Cedric Okiorina has travelled the world in his pursuit of gaining more knowledge about culinary perfection. His journeys across the globe have left an indelible mark on his cooking skills and knowledge.

Travel and life have provided him with an opportunity to explore fascinating sights and experiment with different flavours from different culinary hotspots in the world. He has explored and experienced different cuisines from different cultures to not only improve his craft but appreciate the differences that unite communities.

More importantly, he has transformed the myriad of flavours and influences from his travels into the unique dishes and recipes published on his blog.

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