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Vinicius Covas: The Entrepreneur Bringing Awareness To NFT Through Coffee Cups

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Vinicius Covas: The Entrepreneur Bringing Awareness To NFT Through Coffee Cups

January 18
15:04 2022
Vinicius Covas: The Entrepreneur Bringing Awareness To NFT Through Coffee Cups
Brand strategist and digital communication and marketing expert, Vinicius Covas, announces the launch of the Vinicius’ Cups, an NFT Collection of coffee cups carrying his wrong name

Vinicius Covas seeks to bring awareness to the inherent opportunities in the digital age and the possibility of converting anything in NFT and its power to change human relations as he launches the Vinicius’ Cups collection. As a communication doctorate candidate, he aims to bring to the light this concept of value creation in the digital age, as the TEDx speaker, creative entrepreneur, and brand creation expert seek a PhD. in Communication.

“I dedicate this collection to those who build their ideas and thoughts in coffee shops. A metaphor for finding and establishing an entrepreneurial culture and identity. By purchasing a piece of Vinicius’ Cup, you will own a piece of a journey driven by coffees, teas, dreams, work, creativity, and work,” said Vinicius Covas.

The global NFT market has exploded in recent times, with more people getting into the space for different reasons. However, millions of people across the globe remain oblivious of the concept and its immense features, which is where Vinicius Covas aims to change the narrative with the recently launched Vinicius’ Cups NFT Collection.

“I decide to use something so common as a coffee cup with a wrong name because it is something that happens with everyone, something casual, and I’m creating value from it, and most important I’m creating a community calling everyone who works inside coffee shops every day with their computers, mobile phone while drinking a coffee. Those users are creative people that need to be more aware of how NFT is changing the world not only as a token… but as a human being,” said Vinicius.

Albeit, a tea lover himself, the brand strategist knows firsthand how much people like coffee and has sought to turn it into a source of inspiration and motivation for others. The collection features Vinicius’ cups with different fun variations of the name, “Vinicius”. Each piece is randomly shaped by the randomness of fate – the real algorithm of life. But it is not entirely senseless; like the name founder’s name, “Vinicius” is often misspelled on coffee orders. This is totally explainable as he is a Brazilian residing in Mexico, a country where his name is not familiar.

 The rarity characteristics are presented as a sum of variables provided by context and moment. An example can be found in unique or repeated names, photo environments, and scribbles. Like the aforementioned elements, the existence or not of new NFT content, are all consequences generated in a unique causal order which work to enrich the collection.

The Vinicius’ Cups NFT Collection is currently available on OpenSea for interested persons worldwide.

For more information about the collection and other initiatives by Vinicius Covas, visit – Vinicius Covas can also be found across social media, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube via the username: @viniciuscovas

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