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Brows By CCW Provides Dallas Women with Top-Notch Permanent Eyebrow Services

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Brows By CCW Provides Dallas Women with Top-Notch Permanent Eyebrow Services

January 18
14:58 2022
Dallas-based Brows by CCW has shown its relentless desire to help women upgrade their beauty by offering affordable, high-quality beauty services

Every woman desires to look good. Women of all ages, shapes, and colors go to lengths to upgrade and maintain their beautiful looks. If any cream, body treatment, trend, therapy, or brand is vetted to provide additional aesthetics to a woman’s beauty, you can be sure many women will try it out. Brows by CCW is one of the few brands committed to enhancing women’s natural beauty for women in Dallas.

Brows by CCW was founded by Crystal Winans, an eyebrow specialist licensed through the state and is BBP-certified. Crystal aims to make ladies look and feel good by upgrading physical beauty and solving natural deficiencies. In the last year, Crystal Winans and her Brows by CCW brand have provided the best brow services to women in Dallas. As 2022 begins, Crystal assures women who care about their beauty and looks that the brand is positioned to offer unparalleled services to meet their expectations.

Services offered by Brows by CCW include:

1. Microblading: Natural-looking brows, great for dry skin

2. Combination: Brows by CCW most popular technique where strokes and shading are combined. It adds density and fluff to the brows and comes with a 6-8 week touch-up.

3. Ombré: A technique that creates shading across the brow. It will gradually go from lighter to darker. It gives a “makeup look” as if one uses a pencil or brow powder. Additionally, it is good for covering up scars and other imperfections and great for all skin types. 

4. Lastly is the Touch-Up services which are only designated for CCW clients only. It is 3-18 months of follow-up service for verified customers.

In Dallas, women from ages 18 and above will find Brows by CCW a haven for brow upgrades and maintenance. For more information, please visit

About Crystal Winans

Crystal Winans is the owner of Brows by CCW. An eyebrow specialist that has been trained and certified since 2016. She is licensed through the state and is BBP certified. Crystal specializes in 3D Microblading and Ombré Shading. The most popular service is Ombré Brows (shading: makeup/ full look) and Combination Brows (hair strokes and shading: for a natural full look).

Connect with Brows by CCW on Facebook and Instagram. For further inquiries, send an email to [email protected] or call the number (469) 718-9782.

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