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One of the best romance novels to read in 2022, Under the Divi Tree by Michael Solomon

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One of the best romance novels to read in 2022, Under the Divi Tree by Michael Solomon

January 18
19:24 2022

Author Michael Solomon, recipient of J.L. Weaver’s Reader’s Choice Award, continues to enchant readers with his unorthodox romance-turned-thriller, Under the Divi Tree: True Love Needs No Reason. Balancing a paranormal medical mystery against the devotion of two spouses, Solomon puts a refreshing spin on the unlikely places that love can lead.

In Under the Divi Tree, former police detective Matthew Crane has it all: a fairytale marriage to his wife, Carol, and a solid retirement fund. But after planning a surprise vacation, Matthew is suddenly overcome by a mysterious illness that baffles even the most advanced medical teams. Matthew’s physiological functions—from routine aging to his nails growing—appear to have ceased completely.

Against the advice of both doctors and friends, Carol consults a doctor from Mumbai who claims to have the answer to Matthew’s condition. He believes that Matthew’s universe no longer extends beyond his mind, leaving Carol’s husband to fight his way back to reality from within the confines of his own imagination. But with the clock ticking and few outward signs of life, how long can Matthew dream?

Under the Divi Tree features a unique arrangement with Carol and Matthew separated by speculative forces. Combined with the couple’s enduring romance, Solomon’s work will appeal to fans of The Notebook and The Lake House.

Discovery Reviews describes Under the Divi Tree as “a fast-paced, romantic, psychological thriller with a supernatural twist.” Solomon draws upon decades of experience as an NYPD detective to add a realistic flair to his characters, making them both dynamic and relatable.

Under the Divi Tree: True Love Needs No Reason is available for purchase on or wherever books are sold. The book has already been picked up by Hollywood and written for the screen.

After leaving the NYPD, author Michael Solomon moved to Florida for what he believed would be a relaxing retirement. But after only a year, he found himself drawn to the creative arts and began using his work in the police department to craft layered, true-to-life stories. He saw human nature at its rawest, allowing him to imbue his writing with unfiltered honesty. Solomon is a member of the Mystery Writers Association of America and the winner of the Next Generation Indie Book Award. Solomon has created something that suspends our belief in what little we know about the spiritual world. Under the Divi Tree: True Love Needs No Reason, is a book you will have trouble putting down and a story you will not soon forget.

Further information about the author, including his other books and services, can be found at

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