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Individualized Schooling Curriculums Assist in the Learning Process and Are Now Popular

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Individualized Schooling Curriculums Assist in the Learning Process and Are Now Popular

October 25
16:12 2021

All children are different and learn differently.  The traditional school systems are generalized in nature, and while the subjects taught are the usual basics, these traditional school systems do not focus on the specific needs of each child.  Traditional schools simply do not have the time or staff to provide a unique environment, and class sizes can be large. 

Therapy Spot of Toronto, ON, is providing GABA School teaching methods now as part of their approach to the total health and well-being of clients.  Children have always been included in Therapy Spot clientele, but this therapy centre saw the need for individualized methods of study for children.

Classes are inclusive, from toddlers to ages five and up.  GABA-type learning has been successful in teaching children in methods used for decades that have worked remarkably well.  GABA stands for Gestalt Applied Behaviour Analysis and focuses on learning within social settings and the individualized needs of each child.

Therapy Spot’s GABA schooling offering is especially helpful to children who are introverted, or who learn in other ways besides simply studying books and having lessons.  Learning through the environment, physical play and interaction with other children can assist immensely in the learning process and this is where Therapy Spot’s GABA learning programme assists.

Overcrowded classes do not occur as a GABA learning handbook is provided on the Therapy Spot website and parents are encouraged to download and read it before applying to the GABA learning project.  Pricing for the GABA school program is included in the handbook as this is a private offering.

Emotional development, physical development, social development, and even speech and language difficulties are addressed within the GABA programme.  The programme is especially helpful to children with Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder as speech problems in someone afflicted with Autism are common. 

Always a leader in speech therapy, especially with Autistic children, it is now possible for parents to find a way to have an Autistic child increase not only their clarity of speech, but their fine motor skills, and their absorption of social cues through interaction with other children. 

All these problems are common in the spectrum of Autism Disorder and GABA learning in a school environment will advance an Autistic child faster than attending a generalized school where only an hour a day or so might have a special needs programme for children with Autism and other disorders.

Although law in Canada good, specialised needs programme can be overlooked by the school system or have too many children to deal with that have special needs.  Some territories and provinces, therefore, can provide funding for Therapy Spot’s GABA school programme so a consultation with Therapy Spot is a positive move for parents.

About Therapy Spot

Therapy Spot has been providing all manner of speech and personal counselling both in-person and remotely for years. The newest offering is the GABA school approach to learning in children of many ages.  There is a GABA Handbook provided on the website for download that parents can read before deciding whether the GABA programme is right for their child or children.  There is also a phone, form, and email and extended hours, including Saturdays. 

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