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Micro UV Transforms Mobile Phones Into Ultimate Everyday Sanitizing Tool

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Micro UV Transforms Mobile Phones Into Ultimate Everyday Sanitizing Tool

October 25
19:27 2021
Innovation in UVC technology delivers peace of mind in uncertain times.

Viruses are all around us and, as the Covid-19 pandemic has shown, they can have a devastating effect. And even when the pandemic passes, it will join all the other familiar viruses that we have learned to live with, but still kill thousands every year.

The pandemic has changed how we think about prevention, increasing the awareness of fomite transmission: catching illnesses through pathogens left on surfaces. Every day, we touch hundreds of things, such as door handles, keyboards, buttons, and handrails. Things that we know other people have also been using and each touch potentially passes on germ spreading viruses.

We have become used to washing our hands, multiple times a day. But washing with soap and water is not suitable for all the surfaces we may encounter. For example, we cannot use water or sanitizer on fabrics, or on sensitive items that might get damaged by liquid solutions. Under these circumstances UV-C light sterilization is ideal.

UV-C is part of the ultraviolet light spectrum. We are all familiar with the UV-A and UV-B light emitted from the sun that causes skin to tan. UV-C is similar but has more energy. It is usually absorbed by the ozone layer, meaning very little reaches the surface. This ultraviolet light is excellent at killing viruses and bacteria by damaging the nucleic acids and proteins they are made from.

Many hospitals use large UVC lamps for their infection control, but smaller versions can be just as effective. The Micro UV Mobile Sanitizer transforms mobile phones into the ultimate everyday sanitizing tool. The small device easily fits into pockets or bags and attaches to mobile devices to provide safe UV-C disinfection. Check out this innovation in UVC technology at

UV-C light is, therefore, highly effective for sterilizing objects. Research published in the American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC) found that in liquid cultures UV-C eliminated all SARS-CoV-2 — the virus that causes Covid-19 — in nine minutes. Another found that on surfaces, 99.7% of the virus would be killed in 30 seconds. UVC’s wavelength, in the 265-280 nanometer range, is safer for humans than UV-A and UV-B.

Utilizing UV-C LEDs that provide the same wavelength of light proven effective in research, the device is an easy way to sterilize objects and surfaces, helping to reduce the transmission of Covid-19 and other illnesses. The Micro UV Mobile Sanitizer — which is ozone-free and EPA registered — will kill up to 90% of pathogens in 15 seconds, offering portable peace-of-mind for users and those around them.

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