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Pole Press, LLC. Launches Online Courses for At-Home Pole Fitness Learning

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Pole Press, LLC. Launches Online Courses for At-Home Pole Fitness Learning

July 22
21:51 2021
Learn from Pole Press University’s exclusive elite pole athletes, world champions in one virtual studio, and share progress through its built-in social media features.

Pole Press, LLC., one of the largest global brands in the pole and aerial fitness industry, launches Pole Press University (PPU), its virtual pole fitness learning platform. PPU offers on-demand streaming video courses for pole fitness learning at home. The platform combines robust e-learning and social media features within a single platform, creating a virtual studio experience for its students. Through its website and forthcoming mobile app, students of all levels learn both pole techniques and conditioning in the key physical competencies required by pole athletics: strength, flexibility, coordination, and body awareness. PPU instructors are world champions, Cirque du Soleil performers, and Olympia winners who have also demonstrated a longstanding passion for teaching.

The PPU platform was launched in January 2021. As of this writing, it already has 2,500 students from more than 75 countries on every habitable continent. Its parent company, Pole Press, LLC., is the largest global brand in the pole and aerial fitness industry, with 650,000 social media followers and an average monthly reach of more than 3 million.

Before PPU, Pole Press had also established itself as a premier organizer of pole athletics competitions at large multi-sport venues — most notably the Olympia Fitness Expo and Legion Sports Fest, with its fitness-industry partner Center Podium.

PPU’s courses are easy to follow, as they’re structured via the same e-learning format now used by traditional universities for their online course offerings. Its courses or lessons are designed as 60- or 90-minute sessions with both warm-up and cool-down segments. Each course has 12 Lessons, intended for two per week. However, there is no fixed schedule so students can progress at their own pace, since all lesson videos are pre-recorded. They also offer optional English subtitles, for the deaf, hard of hearing, and ESL members of its community. For its most recent course, PPU also added subtitles in Spanish and Arabic, reflecting its growing student base in Latin America and the Middle East.

More than an e-learning platform, PPU is also a community with its own social media features. It has a Community Feed where students can post content seen by everyone in the PPU community. This content includes both photos and videos, allowing students to share their training progress with each other, for a more collective learning experience. There are also discussion forums where members can start on their own conversations dedicated to specific topics. And, for more private interactions, there is a direct messaging feature that allows students to have one-on-one conversations, both with each other and with their instructors.

“This fusion of courses and community digitally recreates a physical studio. And since PPU’s students come from more than 75 countries, the result is a global pole studio experience,” shared the company’s representative.

With a phenomenal global reach, there’s always activity on the PPU platform 24 hours a day. Students rave about its private community vibe, a peaceful space where they can genuinely be themselves, away from the noise of the large social platforms.
Discover more about PPU’s courses, instructors, and products at and harness the power of being physically and mentally fit today.

About Pole Press, LLC.

Pole Press, LLC. is the leading media and technology company dedicated to promoting the best of pole athletics and aerial arts worldwide. Its members include elite pole athletes, world champions, Cirque du Soleil performers, and Olympia winners. Pole Press is also world-renowned as the premier organizer of pole athletics competitions at large multi-sport venues such as the Olympia Fitness Expo and the Legion Sports Fest.

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