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Dr. Paul J Bailo – Digital Executive – Why Digital Culture Is the Key to Digital Success – Interface Magazine Third Part of Dr. Bailo’s Digital Transformation Trilogy

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Dr. Paul J Bailo – Digital Executive – Why Digital Culture Is the Key to Digital Success – Interface Magazine Third Part of Dr. Bailo’s Digital Transformation Trilogy

November 24
15:36 2020

Interface Magazine publishes the views of Dr. Paul J. Bailo about digital leadership as he reveals why digital culture is the key element of digital transformation.

Interface Magazine has published the views of Dr. Paul J. Bailo in its November issue. The magazine focuses on global technology professionals and innovators and brings their views to the readers. 

In this article on the culture part of Digital Transformation, Dr. Paul J. Bailo has shared his opinion and observations on the role of culture in the digital transformation process in organizations. 

“Culture’s very hard to define for a lot of people, but it’s really the essence of what your organization is about,” says Dr. Paul J. Bailo, Executive, Digital Strategy, Data, and Innovation. “This digital culture needs to be reinforced on a daily basis from the executive leadership down to the frontline people. The culture is the foundation for the business’ success in digital. Apple doesn’t have the best products or the best services, but they react to the market extremely quickly. They react to it because they have a culture of learning.”

Dr. Paul Bailo points out that digital culture is all about organizational change and transformation. While many legacy organizations tend to rely more on managerial judgment, that won’t work in the current digital scenario. Modern business management is more about intuition and instincts. 

In the article, Dr. Bailo emphasizes the pressing need to reinforce digital culture on a daily basis from the executive leadership down to the frontline people. The focus of digital change is not about actions alone, according to Dr. Bailo. The actions of change must happen in the heart, mind and soul of the organization aiming for a digital transformation. 

He states that organizations must make every person in the team accountable. The message must be delivered that they will reap the benefits of digital change when there is a high level of consistency in their actions. The employees must be taught to support each other and execute tasks as a team with a minimal disparity in sharing high risks. 

At the same time, Dr. Bailo warns that it is an extremely challenging task to change the existing culture, especially in legacy organizations. It involves rewiring the minds of people and making them overcome the resistance to change. 

Dr. Bailo also points out that digital change is a highly emotional thing. The personal values of employees must be in a smooth alignment with the digital values of an organization.

According to Dr. Bailo, digital culture is a must for survival. Clients are unlikely to do business with partners that are not into digital culture, preferring instead to work with organizations that have a culture for accepting transformation and change. 

Dr. Bailo stresses on the use of digital culture at every level of leadership in an organization because it introduces innovation and creates the ability to adapt and respond to an unstable environment. It helps organizations deal with the unknown. 

Dr. Bailo is convinced that digital transformation is the toughest thing to do for any organization as it involves implementing a new work behavior within the employees and transforming the whole concept of work.  

Dr. Bailo says that organizations that don’t have a strategy for digital culture must get moving now. They must work on it at every level of the organization to reinforce it on a continuous basis and survive the hyper-competitive business environment. Digital culture and maintenance must go hand in hand. 

Organizations committed to implementing digital culture are at a competitive advantage as they can understand the market quicker, implement new technologies, boost productivity, and create an environment of growth and success.

Interface Magazine is a popular and reputed platform that showcases the best global technology leaders. The magazine has published the views expressed by Dr. Bailo on digital transformation in its November issue.

About Dr. Paul J. Bailo:

Paul Bailo – Digital Transformation Expert is widely recognized by industry thought leaders for his C-level executive skills in Digital Transformation, Marketing, and Business Operations. His expertise in digital transformation, digital communications, emerging payments, operational excellence, data-driven decision-making, and ongoing product innovation is unparalleled. 

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