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Mimicry 25 – The Fall of Omelas is the new psychothriller, graphic novel launching on Indiegogo

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Mimicry 25 – The Fall of Omelas is the new psychothriller, graphic novel launching on Indiegogo

September 10
17:34 2019

While thinking about comic books, most people would imagine happy go lucky, goofy characters or superheroes with amazing powers. But there is an alternative genre of comics which isn’t very mainstream and that is, dark comics, featuring a thrilling storyline with complex characters, vivid illustrations, and subversive themes. Those who love such alternative comic books will be delighted to know that The Fall of Omelas is the newly launched novel in this category, that is receiving great response from the netizens so far. It is a post-human graphic novel following the defectors of a misandrist cult of child sacrifice.

The novel launched on Indiegogo will be between 140-150 pages long and 100 pages have been inked so far out of which 86 have been colored. The story is predominantly NSFW (gore) and intended for a mature audience. This novel is suitable for those who like psychological thrillers, detective stories, cop dramas, transgressive fiction, and sci-fi stories. This novel will be a breath of fresh air for those who are into mainstream comics. Mimicry 25 is loosely inspired by “Those Who Walk Away” from Omelas by Ursula Le Guin.

Here’s what the creator of Mimicry 25 has to say about their new graphic novel, “I don’t like watering things down to appeal to morality police so I’ll understand if some of you find aspects of the story offensive. Life is offensive. And what is art if not a distorted reflection? That being said don’t expect pure unadulterated grim-dark cynicism. That shit gets old pretty quick lol. Since this is my first attempt at writing, inking, and coloring so much as a 4-panel comic strip, expect the art style to change and improve a bit throughout the book. I’m still refining my craft”.

Below is a brief plot summary of the novel:

“13 years ago the Planetary federation of Azulu was fragmented into three nations states. The Northern Monarchy, a plutocratic oligarchy controlled by Fiora Jennings, Janice Terran, Kova Heseck and Warlo Illmet; Avolon, a theocratic diarchy lead by Taba and Clairance Durrem; and The Southern Union of Azulu, a democratic republic run by majority leader Demetric Bellum and her consul members. Before the great flood, the federation had been in the midst of an investigation regarding a mass grave found several miles away from Taba’s family estate, and though the allegations were never proven, the man responsible for the discovery claimed to have been violently attacked and dumped there by Taba herself. It’s thought that the resulting police investigation is what prompted Taba’s followers to bomb the sea walls, ultimately leading to the death of 70% of the population. This story focuses on those trying to survive during the collapse of a civilization.”

Mimicry 25 is almost completed and the backers can grab this unique novel at an exciting price via contributing to the Indiegogo campaign.

More information about the book can be found on its Indiegogo campaign page.

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